The international conference about “Media Cultures of early childhood” will take place the 7th and 8th April 2016, in Paris.

Organized  by the Centre d’études sur les jeunes et les médias (Centre for Youth and Media Studies) in partnership with Grems (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium )

How can we understand children’s media culture, especially among the 0-7 year-olds? Based on what uses and practices, and in what contexts? What media constructions and media strategies (pertaining to formats, contents or audiences) nourish children’s media culture(s)? What (formal or informal) teaching and learning processes do these media practices imply?

The conference will decline these questions towards three directions:

  • the observation and analysis of young children’s media uses and practices,
  • the critical exploration of media contents and devices available to children, and how they are designed and delivered to children,
  • the examination of the (formal or informal) educational dimensions that accompany or guide children as they build their media culture and literacy.

This multidisciplinary scientific event is open to researchers studying childhood and / or early childhood media cultures from different perspectives and from various disciplinary frameworks: media studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, education sciences, language sciences, IT, etc.

The programme of the conference is ready !   The registration to the conference is open now  : it’s free but compulsory to register.